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Creating Rules

To create or edit rules, click on the 'Rules' tab. In this view you can create the rules that were designed earlier. Start with the differential rules and select the appropriate values from each pull-down. After all the fields are correct, create the rule by clicking the 'Create' button.

Repeat for all the rules that were designed earlier. Note that differential rules require a value for every field. Logical rules require values for the first four fields only - the additional fields may be left blank. There are no timer rules at this point.

Do not click your browser refresh button after adding a rule. Doing so will create a duplicate copy of that rule. If that happens, the unwanted rule may be deleted by selecting '** DELETE**' from the pulldown for the first field and clicking 'Update' for that rule.

Data on any tab may be safely refreshed by clicking the tab itself.

As rules are defined, you may observe that some outputs change value. This is because all of the data on every page is live - it is current as of the last refresh.

The completed rules view should look like this:

At this point, we have a functioning control system that implements the rules that were developed. At any time, the home page displays the current state of the system, including the rules that have been defined.

The values for the setpoint and deadband variables may be changed via the web interface at any time, and changes take effect immediately.

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