Wood Heating
System Design
Control Logic
Software Design
Electrical Schematic
Simple system w/ storage
Domestic Hot Water
Heat Storage
Solar Hot Water
System Components
User Guide
Programming Guide
Failsafe Design
Sample Application
LM35 Sensor Assembly
Pinout Info
Poor Man's VS Circ
Plastic Pipe Collector
Forum Solar-TodayWood-TodayBurn Planner
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The approach to setting up a system is sometimes best demonstrated by example. The purpose Of this document is to show by example the process of configuring and programming the NoFossil Control System (NFCS).

The Programmer's Guide covers the technical details of the programming process. This document is provides a hands-on guided tour of the process without going into as much detail.

Programming can't be done without a thorough understanding of the system that is to be controlled. For that reason, the first part of this document describe the evolution of a typical oil-fired hot water heating system with the addition of a wood boiler, heat storage, and finally solar hot water panels. In each step, we'll cover the plumbing, the desired operation, the control system wiring, and configuration of the (NFCS).

If you are familiar with heating system design or just eager to start playing with the NFCS, feel free to skip the sections that deal with system plumbing and electrical components.

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