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Filter Kit Installation

Early NFCS units may need additional filtering to prevent electrical noise. This kit is available at no charge and will be sent to affected owners. The filter kit contains two capacitors which need to be installed inside the enclosure. This installation takes only a few minutes. Required tools are as follows:

  1. NFCS cover key
  2. Medium Phillips screwdriver
  3. Wire cutting pliers (optional)


Turn off power to the NFCS. Open the cover and locate the barrier strips along the bottom. These barrier strips are divided into three section. From left to right, there are color coded and labeled sections for 12V power, Ground, and 5V power. Identify each section.

Copper Wire Replacement

Each section of the barrier strips has a bare copper wire that connects each pair of screws. On some units, this wire is wrapped around each screw and the screws are then overtightened so that the copper wire may be broken. If that's the case, loosen the screws holding the copper wire and loop the new wire under but not completely around each screw as shown above. Cut the wire to length for each section. Note that there are individual and separate pieces of wire for each section, and that the rightmost 5V position is not connected with the bare copper wire.

If you have to disconnect any wires, make sure that they're reconnected to the correct color coded section.

Install Filter Capacitors

One capacitor will be installed between Ground and 12V, and the other will be installed between Ground and 5V. Bend the wire leads on each capacitor so that they are spaced correctly to fit between a Ground screw and a 12V or 5V screw, as shown below.

Loosen the screws where the capacitor leads will go. Slide the capacitor leads under the right side of the screw heads as shown below. Tighten the screws and check to make sure that the capacitors and any affected wires are securely captured by the screws. Finished installation should look like the piture below. Note that it isn't important which screw positions are used within each section, as long as one capacitor goes between 12V and Ground and the other goes between 5V and Ground.

Close the lid and repower the NFCS - you're done!

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